Annual Children's Christmas Party

Each year as Autumn comes to an end and the holiday season begins in earnest The Doll League gets busy planning the Children's Christmas Party, our oldest and most cherished activity. 


The images here are from the 2020 Children's Toy Giveaway  at the New Community Center in South Orange and parties from previous years.


This year proved a challenge given the pandemic and all of the restrictions that came along with it.  That did not stop the DOLL's from being creative and thinking of ways to keep the tradition going.  From logistics, to selecting a location to purchasing, soliciting and wrapping gifts.   Each detail was thought through in the same manner as they were in previous years to ensure success and happiness of the families.  

Our very first party was in 1958 with the children of the Graham House orphanage in New York City. Since then we've kept the tradition going strong at  schools, shelters, hospitals churches and community groups in New York and New Jersey.  And, no matter how many times we do it we're just as excited as the kids are when Santa Claus comes trotting into the room with his bag full of toys and goodies.