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Who We Are

The Doll League Inc.

Metropolitan New York Chapter

                 Ann Guillory                          Tijuana Johnson                                Kenetta Bailey                            Irene Jones                                    Diane Ashley


The Doll League Inc. is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation organized under the laws of New York State.

The Metropolitan New York Chapter of The Doll League Inc. is comprised of a small group of professional women who volunteer their time, talent and experience to positively impact the lives of young people.  Our members maintain careers and families while also working to advance the league's mission: To help prepare a new generation of leaders  by providing support to young women in need of financial assistance to pursue higher education and to identify and fill pockets of need in in the New York metropolitan area through volunteer service and grants to non-profit organizations providing vital services.

Over the years since our beginning as a charitable organization reaching out to the community and working to enrich the lives of young people our mission has grown to include two college scholarship funds, which has made it possible for us to help unleash the promise and potential inherent in so many of them.  We envision a world in which young people have access to the nurture, support and resources necessary for them to reach their full potential regardless of their family situations.

As more and more of them undertake the arduous task of preparing themselves to step into leadership roles in our society the need for assistance grows.  In recognition of the challenges many of them face The Doll League remains steadfast in its mission to provide support to young women in need of financial assistance to pursue higher education.   We also continue to identify and fill other pockets of need in our local communities through the awarding of grants to non-profit organizations that provide vital services.

​The work of The Doll League is made possible by generous support from our many friends, supporters and donors and one hundred percent of the funds you donate are used to benefit our target causes, with no deductions for administrative expenses. 

Membership in The Doll League is by invitation



Diane Ashley, President

Kathleen DeLemos

​Ann Guillory

Josephine Hasfal

Kenetta Bailey Hayes

Tijuana Johnson, 

Corresponding & Recording


​​​​ Irene Jones

Lauren Love-Wright,
Financial Secretary
Sheri Spears, Treasurer





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